Examples of Some Military Users

Most modern military doctrines suggest a highly maneuverable and flexible force with sophisticated weapons, sensors, and advanced c3I capabilities.   Having significant mobile electric power is crucial for an effective force.

Aura’s VIPER is the mobile power solution for SAIC’s commercial and military versions of the VACIS system.  The Mobile VACIS® unit consists of non-intrusive gamma ray imaging system. The system provides substantial flexibility to assist with a variety of different requirements including contraband interdiction, explosives detection, and force protection.

The WIN-T program is the Army's communications system for reliable, secure, and seamless video, data, imagery, and voice services. The system will establish an environment in which commanders at all levels will have the ability to operate with centers that are located at remote locations throughout the battlespace. This is a joint General Dynamics Lockheed Martin program.

JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) now being developed for the U.S. military, combines systems-based defenses that incorporate speed,high-tech armor and computer-coordinated commun---ications to keep soldiers connected and protected during missions. The JLTV program is intended to replacing the Humvee as the primary vehicle for moving U.S. troops and equipment.  Aura’s 30 kW VIPER system will be the power solution on the American General-General Dynamics vehicle.

Aura’s 16 kW VIPER power solution has gone through extensive testing by BAE in South Africa as part of a joint program between General Dynamics and BAE for an upgraded MRAP type vehicle. General Dynamics jointly with BAE plan to market this new vehicle worldwide.

Numerous U.S.A, Special Forces and U.S.M.C units are using the VIPER in combat both in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

A 16 kW dual VIPER is used to power the SeaLion II shown in the picture.

Aura has been working with the Korean army for almost a decade.  Approximately 3.5 years ago, The Korean’s selected a simple AC only VIPER system after 3 years of testing to be their standard power source for general communication platforms (Kia vehicles) and gave Aura an order for 1,000 systems to be fielded over a 10 year program.  To date Aura shipped 300 systems under this program and is expecting to ship the next 100 systems in September 2010.   More recently, the Korean army selected a 3phase AC only VIPER to power a new mobile radar system.  We are currently bidding for a VIPER solution to become standard on all the Korean military trucks. Early indications are that our bid is being considered favorably.  Should we be awarded this program the requirements are for somewhere between 500-1,000 vehicles per year for the next 10 years starting later this year