"Soldiers in the DOD Joint Communications Group operating in Iraq and Afghanistan are using AuraGen VIPER, a mobile under-hood induction power generator, developed by Aura Systems, Inc., for their electricity needs. The soldiers initially planned to use conventional generator systems, or gensets as their primary source of power, however, they were struggling with the disadvantages of this less advanced technology. Most conventional gensets require 30 minutes of preparation time to be started and should be shut down every 100 hours for scheduled routine maintenance. The soldiers needed something that could operate continuously whether they were moving or not, during down time or in combat. The VIPER addresses these needs….”.


 - Report from DOD to US Congress, August 2006

“We have used the VIPER in our vehicles, some in excess of 10,000 hours, with no trouble at all with the system. The temperature here is above 100 and won’t be below 100 till next November. I wish all of our equipment was this reliable.”  

- Base Security Unit, Iraq

“The Dual AuraGen VIPER configuration provided our team with major technological advantages in AC and DC power production in all operational conditions. The AuraGen VIPER compactness, low weight and high output power flexibility even at low engine speed is just what the Coast Guard needs.”
- Craig Miller, Kvichak Marine Project Manager

We have been using the Aura Systems VIPER for three years and have not had any problems with the operation of the system or equipment. It has provided us reliable power for all our on-board needs and when required, our auxiliary power needed for shelter heat, etc…….. The 'Silent Watch' feature enabled out key LRU's to operate at full capability for 90 minutes with the HMMWV engine off.
- Wayne L. Reed Raytheon

"I just wanted to email you and inform you that the VIPER Systems installed on our HMMWVs are working great. We've installed them in 2 Command Vehicles and under high stress conditions they performed well. The filters installed on the Command Vehicle reduced the interference dramatically. The Viper Systems are a true asset to this battalion and the way we do business. Thanks for the help and support. All the way!!! "LET'S GO"
- 82nd Airborne in Iraq

"The command vehicle ran for 72 straight hours running 2 laptop computers, 2 24-inch Computer screens, I computer server, 1 satellite telephone communication system. It [the AuraGen VIPER] ran all these systems without any problems at all. The maintenance van ran 4 500 watt halogen floodlights, drills, Skill saw…3500 watts. It also ran all of these perfectly!!!” and “Sold that your AuraGen [VIPER] is much better than anything the Marine Corps is using now. It is so much easier to use your AuraGen [VIPER] for power than to go through the hassle of getting a generator and haul it around.”  
- Combat Service Support Enterprises, Iraq

"We've got to find a place to hide the VIPER vehicle [in Afghanistan], otherwise everyone else is going to be borrowing and using it."