The Vehicle Integrated Primary Electrical Resource “VIPER” is the name coined by the military for the AuraGen mobile power system.  The VIPER is a ruggedized version of the AuraGen axial flux induction generator and is designed to operate under extreme conditions.
Temperature - 40 to 125 Degrees Fahrenheit
Submersible 30 Minutes
Vibration Mil Std. 810 Method 514.7 Category 8

Mil Std. 461E

Salt Water Spray Mil. Std. 202, Method 101.
Humidity Mil. Std. 810C, Method 507.1, Procedure III.

The Viper has gone through extensive testing in government facilities and military test grounds:
1998 USAOTC VIPER HMMWV Operational Assessment (USANTC)
1999 PM-MEP RDE Team-CECOM Electrical Performance (Aura)
2000 USAOTC ABNSOTD Airdrop Certification Test 9Ft. Bragg, NC)
2000-1 USACASCOM Final Evaluation (Ft. Lee, VA: NTC/Ft. Bragg)
2003-4 USADTC VIPER HMMWV Test (Aberdeen Test Center, MD)
2004-5 USA WIN-T Dual VIPER HMMWV's (General Dynamics-Lockeed Martin Facilities Army Ft. Huachuca, AZ)
2005 USADTC VIPER HMMWV Test (Aberdeen Test Center, MD)

The VIPER is battle proven with battle-field operations in the Balkan, Iraq and Afghanistan as part of numerous U.S Army and Special Forces units.  The VIPER is air-drop certified and was deployed in some parts of Iraq via an air-drop.

In addition to land deployments, the VIPER has been tested on the oceans and is the selected power system for the new U.S.C.G 44 ft patrol boat being produced by Kvichak Marine. The actual boat equipped with the VIPER can be seen the left.

Recently the U.S.N after a lengthy test program turned over the Sea-lion II craft that is powered by a dual VIPER system to the Navy Special Warfare Group Four (NSWG4).

The VIPER is now available in 8 kW AC/DC and 10kW systems or as a dual system (also available on a single shaft called a Tangen) providing up to 16 kW and 20 kWof AC/DC power.  The system is available with silent watch capabilities.  The transition from prime mover to silent watch and back to prime mover is completely seamless. 

In 2008, Aura introduced a 16 kW VIPER system where the entire 16 kW power is available on a single circuit.  Quoting a recent government test reported “…test performance of the AuraGen VIPER system was impressive. The system was loaded to 16 kW at a 0.8 power factor. Power factor correction capacitors were switched on when large inductive loads were applied to the unit, effectively correcting the system power factor to 0.97 or better in all cases".

The VIPER is also available with a complete power management system that provides among other features,  a priority based load management including automatic load shading and load adding.