VIPER selected by US Coast Guard to power 190 patrol boats.
Successfully completed testing with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Successfully completed testing and evaluation on the SEALION II and turned over to
US Navy special warfare group for active duty.

Oil and Gas
Successfully demonstrated up to 30 kW starting power necessary for industrial compressors and motors.
Successfully delivered numerous systems to oil field users in the US and Canada.
Recently first installation in Saudi Arabia.
Recently numerous outstanding bids for oil field users in the US and Canada.

Emergency / Rescue Vehicles
The AuraGen power system is currently installed on over 1,000 fire trucks.
The AuraGen is used by the Red-cross to power communication equipment during
Katrina and California wildfire relief efforts.
Caltrans uses the AuraGen on many of its work trucks.
AuraGen in use by more than 20 organizations nationwide.

Commercial Automotive
AuraGen selected as the power system by Azure Dynamics for Hybrid applications on Fords E350 & E450 chassis.
AuraGen power system selected by Emerald is used on all electric refrigeration trucks.
Currently testing a 9-inch diameter product (4 kW) which would be suitable for nearly every commercial vehicle with an identical form-factor for current alternator technology.