There are more than 2.3 million large trucks on the roads in the United States.  Seventy percent of U.S commodities use trucks as their sole source of transportation.  Trucks haul more than five billion tons of freight each year and, deliver about 80% of U.S. freight. 

A significant use of fuel for these trucks is due to accessory losses created by components driven directly off the engine, such as the cooling fan, power steering, air conditioning compressor, air compressor, alternator, oil pump and water pump.   

In order to be able to deliver the maximum demanded load, the mechanical systems must be designed with rated output to meet the maximum load requirements.  Typically such systems always perform at their rated output even though the average output may be significantly lower as show


Max kW

Ave kW

Air Compressor



Electrical Accessories



Air Cond. Compressor



Engine Cooling Fan



Power Steering






It is well known that mechanical devices operate at much lower efficiencies than their corresponding electrical devices.  With their increase efficiencies the substitution of electrical devices for mechanical ones would significantly reduce the loads on the engine and save fuel. 

Traditional electric power on trucks is delivered by a high output alternator.  Such alternators provide DC only power and at moderate engine RPM only generate at best less than 4 kW of power.  As can be seen from the table, in order to be able to substitute electrical components for mechanical ones, one needs to significantly increase the availability of on-board power.  In addition to the higher needed power, it would also be very advantage to have both AC and DC power. 

The Auragen is a load following device that provides both AC and DC mobile power.  Being load-following, the system generates at any moment in time only the power demanded.   The unique AuraGen architecture provides the needed power to start inductive loads such as motors, compressors, and pumps.

Aura is working with truck OEMs and major automobile parts supplier to integrate the AuraGen solution to provide on board both DC and AC power simultaneously.  The DC power provided by the AuraGen replaces the traditional alternator, while the AC power output is used to run electrical components such as all-electric HVAC system, electric cooling fan, and electric water and oil pumps.    In some applications the AuraGen is used as a generator while the truck is moving and as a motor when the truck engine is off.