Other Applications

Mobile power is essential to a variety of industries including telecommunications, utilities, emergency rescue, catering, public works, and oil and gas.  Today’s technology and power hungry society requires electricity at mobile work sites to run power tools, computers and other electric based sensors and equipment.  Mobile backup power has become increasingly important as the current electric grid overcrowding and degradation has compromised the quality and reliability of traditional sources of electricity.

In addition the marine, hybrid vehicles and truck electrification programs, Aura is pursuing other markets as outlined below.


Utilities are heavy users of mobile power in their maintenance and service activities. In addition, utilities are generally responsible for traffic lights within their service areas.  The technical advantages of the AuraGen® have generated a high level of interest from utilities across the U.S.  In addition, for many existing traffic light systems, our product appears to be the only mobile power system available which provides the required clean power at constant 120 volts that is needed to power the lights when electric power is interrupted.  Power interruption can be caused by many events including, among others, power outages and damage to power lines caused by accidents or weather. Numerous utilities in the U.S. have purchased limited numbers of our units and are evaluating the AuraGen® for their applications and requirements.

Emergency Rescue

The Emergency and Rescue market consists of fire-trucks, ambulances, police vehicles and vehicles from other organizations used during emergencies.  This industry is a heavy user of mobile power for lights, communication gear, instruments, medical equipment and numerous digital equipment and tools. The industry is undergoing a transition to digital equipment and portable computers and has experienced constant growth in mobile power needs.  Our product provides an effective solution to the needs of this industry.  Many hundreds of AuraGen systems are already in use in this sector.


The mobile food industry, in addition to traditional party and event catering, delivers perishable food to remote locations. Today, some of the catering trucks still use ice for their refrigeration needs while others use compressors.  New health department regulations in some jurisdictions will require fans in trucks that are used for cooking.  The need for mobile electricity for refrigeration, microwaves and other appliances is constantly growing, fueled by regulation and customer need.  The AuraGen®, with its ability to produce electric power both while the engine is off and while driving, is an excellent and cost effective solution to this industry’s needs.

Public Works/Construction

Many municipalities are already using our AuraGen in limited quantities in their service and work trucks.  We provide significant cost savings when total life cycle costs are calculated.  Our product does not require scheduled maintenance, which results in more hours on the job.  The public works and construction industry is changing with the introduction of computers and other sensitive digital equipment in the field.   These changes require clean pure sine wave power in order to function efficiently at the job sites.

Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas business use large number of gensets every year.  Reliability and clean power are critical in that industry where down time can result in large losses per day.  A typical application in an Oil or Gas field uses mobile power many hours per day, an environment where gensets are prone to failure and high maintenance costs.  In addition, digital equipment which requires clean power is used for numerous measurements and data processing.  This is an ideal environment for the AuraGen® from both a reliability and power quality point where life cycle cost are such that payback can be measured in months.  We currently have numerous units for evaluation in different locations across the country.