Currently the AuraGen® is used in limited quantities by a number of broadcasting TV stations in their mobile news vehicles, as well as a number of cable and telephone companies for numerous applications.

Numerous utilities in the U.S. have purchased limited numbers of our units and are evaluating the AuraGen® for their applications and requirements.

Many hundreds of emergency type vehicles are already outfitted with the AuraGen mobile power solution across the country.

Today, some of the catering trucks still use ice for their refrigeration needs while others use compressors.    The need for mobile electricity for refrigeration, microwaves and other appliances is constantly growing, fueled by regulation and customer need.  The AuraGen®, with its ability to produce electric power both while the engine is off and while driving, is an excellent and cost effective solution to this industry’s needs.

Many state agencies and municipalities are already using our AuraGen in limited quantities in their service and work trucks.  California Transit Authority “Caltrans” is a constant customer and already has many vehicles in their fleet outfitted with the AuraGen mobile power solution

We currently have numerous units under evaluation in numerous oil and gas applications in the US, Canada and Saudi-Arabia.

Cherry picker (also known as a boom lift, man lift, basket crane or hydraladder), is a type of aerial work platform that consists of a platform or bucket that can support people and equipment.  This is a new application for AuraGen and recently we received our first order for welders supported by the boom lift.