The AuraGen is a new class of axially symmetric induction machine patented by Aura Systems Inc. Induction machines are the workhorses of industy making up 90% of all electrical rotating machinery in industry; all consisting of a rotor and a stator. The two forms of induction machines are : Electric Motors and Generators.

As a motor, the AuraGen produces significantly higher torque per unit volume and as a generator produces significantly more power per unit volume. The AuraGen, through it’s revolutionary design, is able to supply simultaneous DC and AC power without interruption, can supply power from both a generator source and a battery source during times of high power demand, monitors battery temperature and adjusts the charging rate accordingly, has the ability to provide silent watch seamlessly, and automatic start when battery pack is low. In addition, the AuraGen is a load following machine Unlike other approaches that always generate the rated power, the instant power generated by the AuraGen is equal to the instant demanded load from the user, up to the rated power.This approach increases efficiency since the power generation is matched to the load at all times at all RPMs. Due to the higher level of efficency the AuragGen allows it’s user to save fuel which is rapidly becoming a more expensive and scarce commodity.

The AuraGen Induction Power Source uses the rotating energy from an engine to produce commercial grade AC electrical power whenever the engine is running. AuraGen produces a substantial amount of power at normal/near engine idle. 5000 watts of power output requires 1200 engine RPM in a typical V-8 gasoline engine and between 650 and 900 RPM for most diesel applications.The source of electric power is the Induction Power Source (generator). It is mounted to the engine and mechanically rotated (driven) by a serpentine belt coupled to the crankshaft.Unlike a conventional alternator, AuraGen does not contain built in diodes to convert the generated AC to DC. Instead, 400 volts of unregulated AC output is supplied through a four-wire power cable to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) then converted to the programed application.

The AuraGen is not only able to save fuel but also space. Unlike most traditional power solutions, the AuraGen is able to fit convientently under the hood of the vehicle as seen in the photo below. Due to it’s compact size and design the AuraGen does not require any scheduled service. Available with under-the-hood belt, PTO, or Hydraulic pump interfaces with bearings rated at 26,000+hours.(replacement bearing $50 a part and less than one hour), PCU replacement (in the field) less than 0.5 hour, generator replacement (in the field) less than one
hour. In addition the system provides real time monitoring (voltage and temperature) and optimum battery charging algorithm.