Oasis is Aura’s all electric transport refrigeration system for midsize trucks.  The system uses the AuraGen power solution to provide the electric power required to run the system.  The refrigeration system itself is: (i) completely sealed, (ii) uses all AC components, (iii) uses a Copland scroll compressor and (iv) is modeled after commercial refrigeration using standard commercial components.


The patented AuraGen architecture allows an option for a battery backup system. This feature allows the refrigeration system seamlessly to keep running when the truck engine is turned-off due to (i) saving fuel during delivery stops, (ii) non-idling regulations and,(iii)in the event that the truck engine breaks down. 

oais 20

The system was designed to help the environment and at the same time provide daily operational savings to the users by eliminating the traditional separate diesel engine used to driven reefer units on straight delivery trucks.  The Oasis refrigeration system does not require any scheduled maintenance and the Auragen power system may require a belt change once a year.

The AuraGen is driven either by a belt system under the hood or by the truck’s PTO (virtually FREE power).  The AuraGen’s control box (“ECU”) is totally weather proof and can be mounted anywhere inside or outside.  The ECU is the brain of the system and controls; (a) automatically switches to battery power when the engine is off, (b) charges the batteries when


the engine is on, (c) seamlessly handles power spikes on demand, (d) always provides only the power demanded (load following) and, (e) supplest enough power to start up to a four horsepower compressor. The contrast between the clean simple all electric solution and the common dieseldriven solution is demonstrated in the picture below. The diesel solution is comprised of :


TK UnitA Diesel Engine that leaks oil, requires tune-ups and oil changes
Numerous Hoses that leak
Numerous Belts that break
A Muffler that leaks
A Piston Driven Compressor that leaks and requires overhaul
An Electric Motor that’s redundant and heavy
An enormous amount of Complexity, heavy, requires regular maintenance, expensive to operate and pollutants in our environment.


The Oasis is a simple, clean, all-electric system that totally eliminates unhealthly NOx and PM emissions associated with diesel solutions!