TRU operators have options to meet the requirement (compliance starts December 31, 2009 for 2001 model year engines and older). The options allowed to meet the standards are:

  • Replace in-use engine with new or rebuilt engine. This only resets the "compliance clock" to the replacement engine model year plus 7 years.
  • Retrofit with required level of VDECS
  • Use a Tier 1 engine meeting LETRU or ULETRU
    • Provide test data and report that shows
      • In-use emissions meet LETRU or ULETRU
      • A maintenance program is in effect that will sustain emissions to meet LETRU or ULETRU (records required).
  • Use alernative technology
    • Must eliminate diesel engine emissions from the TRU engine at all facilities it visits, with narrow exceptions.

Aura's All Electric Refrigeration solution is one such alternative technology. As shown in the products page here, The all electric solution is EXEMPT from TRU CARB regulations and would NOT NEED to register with CARB in January 2009. This is because zero emissions are produced with the Oasis All Electric Solution powered by the AuraGen.