How much power does the AuraGen Induction Power Source produce?

The AuraGen G5000 produces 5kW continuous; 5.5kW standby; and 7.2kW peak power and the AuraGen G8500 produces 8kW continuous; 8.5kW standby; and 9kW peak power.

Will the AuraGen fit in my vehicle?

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How is an AuraGen different from an Alternator?

The AuraGen is based on a patented solid rotor making it small, rugged and highly efficient. The AuraGen typically runs at 75 - 85% efficiency even at low speed where alternators at high speeds may hit 70% efficiency but fall off to less than 10% at low engine speeds. Thus, when you want power (low speeds for stationary users) the AuraGen is able to meet the need.

How long does an AuraGen installation take?

The average AuraGen installation takes between 6 - 12 hours depending on the vehicle type and options selected. Hourly installation rates vary by region.

How does the AuraGen fit under-the-hood?

The patented design of the AuraGen allows it to be substantially smaller than a typical generator. In most applications, the AuraGen mounts in the front of the engine compartment with the AuraGen belt pulley aligned with the vehicle crank pulley. A separate AuraGen pulley and belt are installed, so the AuraGen belt position is typically just in front of the existing serpentine belt.

How is the AuraGen mounted to my vehicle(s)?

In most cases the AuraGen is mounted under-the-hood, solidly attached to the engine via a mounting bracket. The AuraGen can also be Power Take-Off (PTO) mounted, or hydraulically driven by a hydraulic motor.

Does the AuraGen generate AC, DC and AC and DC power combined?

Yes. You can order your AuraGen with AC power only, DC power only or a combination of AC and DC power.

Is the AuraGen a "cleaner" alternative than a conventional mobile generator?

Yes. The AuraGen Induction Power Source installed within a vehicle produces far less emissions than a typical gasoline-powered mobile generator. A vehicle equipped with the AuraGen produces less than 5% the carbon monoxide emissions generated by a pre-1999 mobile generator and less than 80% of the carbon monoxide emissions generated by a post-1999 mobile generator.

Have environmental tests been conducted on the AuraGen?

Yes. The AuraGen was subjected to rigorous environmental testing per SAE J-1211 (The Society of Automotive Engineers Recommended Practice for Electronic Equipment Design for Automotive Underhood Environments). Additionally, the AuraGen has been undergoing numerous tests as part of the company's ongoing program as a supplier to the US Army, and is "air-drop" certified.

Is the AuraGen GSA approved?

Yes, the AuraGen Mobile Generator has passed all GSA (General Services Administration) certifications and the AuraGen GSA Contract number is GS-30F-0012K. In addition, it has received California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) certification as well. The CMAS Contract number is 4-00-23-0006A.

What additional maintenance is required for vehicles equipped with the AuraGen Induction Power Source? And, how does running the engine affect the longevity of the vehicle?

None. Unlike conventional mobile generators, the AuraGen is maintenance-free and requires no additional maintenance beyond that recommended within the manufacturer's Service Manual. With proper normal vehicle maintenance, as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, the AuraGen does not affect the longevity of the vehicle. Aura recommends the user follow manufacturers' service intervals appropriate to the vehicle.

Can anyone install the AuraGen?

No. The AuraGen can only be installed by a Certified AuraGen Installer.

Is the AuraGen available for "larger" fleet and/or work vehicle types where remote power is required by in-the-field personnel?

Yes. A large number of fleet vehicles from a wide variety of industries have been outfitted with the AuraGen. Utility trucks, fire and emergency vehicles, military vehicles, police and other municipal vehicles, news trucks/vans, and many others. In many "fleet" vehicle applications, our PTO (Power Take-Off) mounted and hydraulic drive configurations are popular. For added work site convenience, we also offer a remote start capability so that you can lock your doors, start your engine and start the AuraGen while away from the vehicle.

Can the AuraGen handle High-Surge Motors and Compressors?

Yes. The AuraGen has outstanding capability to handle high power -surge such as turning on motors and compressors. This is due to the unique AuraGen architecture and the AuraGen's "smart" electronics. The AuraGen G5000 can easily handle surges up to 7200-watts for 2 seconds and the G8500 can handle surges up to 9000-watts for 2 seconds.  In addition when using our unique ICS option the system can start inductive loads as high as 30 kW

Does the AuraGen contain a circuit breaker?

Yes. The AuraGen ECU (Electronics Control Unit) is equipped with an internal, self-resettable circuit breaker to protect against power surges and shorts as well as a variety of additional safety features.

What types of receptacles are used in the installation of the AuraGen?

Receptacles used are UL listed and Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI)-protected as they would be in any outdoor wiring installation. The ECU also has internal electronic GFI and over-current protection.

How much horsepower (HP) is required to run the AuraGen Induction Power Source at full-load?

The AuraGen is a highly efficient power supply. Approximately 8.4 HP is required from the engine when the AuraGen is generating 5kW of AC power and approximately 13.4 HP is required from the engine when the AuraGen is generating 8kW of AC power.

Does the AuraGen affect the operation of the vehicle?


Can you pull full 5000-watt power from a single outlet or circuit?

You can pull 21 amps at 240 Volts or 42 amps at 120 Volts.

Where are the AuraGen Control Panel (On/Off Switch) and the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) mounted?

The AuraGen's small Control Panel (On/Off Switch) is most often mounted under or within the dashboard area where it is easily accessible. The Control Panel measures about 3 1/2" x 2". Additionally, a Remote Start option is available for anyone who requires turning the systems on or off from outside the vehicle. The AuraGen's ECU can be mounted in a variety of vehicle locations. Typical installation locations include: in the bed of the truck, inside a toolbox compartment, within the rear cargo area, or under the seat in the cab.

Does the AuraGen have brushes or slip rings like other electric generators, which would need periodic replacement?

No. The AuraGen is an AC  induction machine. As such, no brushes or slip rings are used

What are the additional custom options?

Remote Start. Remote Power Strip. Also, we offer a Home Transfer Switch, which can be installed on your home to use the AuraGen as a backup generator in an emergency.

How long can I run the AuraGen on a full tank of gas?

The AuraGen will run as long as there is gas in the engine. How long a full tank of gas will last depends on the make and model of the vehicle.

How does the AuraGen affect my vehicle's electrical system?

The AuraGen has no discernible effect on the vehicle's electrical system.

How can I find out more about purchasing an AuraGen?

There are four easy ways to get all the information you need...

1. Complete the AuraGen Product Information Request Form on this web site.
2. Call the AuraGen Customer Service Team toll-free @ 1-800-909-AURA (2872), open 8:00am - 5:00pm PST.
3. Email the AuraGen Customer Service Team at:
4. Contact your closest Authorized Distributor directly.