James Marvin Simmons


Mr. Simmons has a B.A degree in Economics and is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of ICM Asset Management, Inc, which he founded in 1981 in Spokane, WA. The firm offers investment management services for individuals, businesses, and foundations utilizing small and large cap equity investments as well as fixed income investments, with a particular emphasis on small capitalization companies. Mr. Simmons is a Chartered Financial Analyst with approximately 40 years of experience in investing. He has been a member of the board of directors of various for-profit and nonprofit companies. He has also been the managing member of Koyah Partners, LLC, an investment partnership that emphasized venture investing in very small companies, both public and private. Mr. Simmons knowledge and experience in finance provides the Board with an understanding of the principles of valuation and financial positioning as they apply to the Company. In addition, his many years of investment experience provides us with a better understanding of operational performance and business transactions that provide added value to us and to our shareholders.