There are four components to our corporate mission:

  1. Provide returns to our investors and shareholders
  2. Help our nation’s military meet their mission
  3. Improve life on our planet through the reduction in harmful emissions and the use of fossil fuels
  4. Provide a pleasant and rewarding atmosphere to our staff.

Our mission, by the nature of being a for-profit corporation, is to provide returns to our investors and shareholders.  The approach we adopted to fulfill this mission, was to use our technological background and knowhow to develop a new approach to mobile electric power and induction machines in general.  We have spent over 10 years developing and commercializing an axial flux induction machine with unmatched performance per unit volume. This machine is known today as the AuraGen for commercial applications and as the VIPER for military usage.  The performance and characteristics of the AuraGen are such that we can provide users with a very compelling business proposition based on performance, reliability and cost.  This is what we believe to be the basis for a growing, successful business. 

The VIPER has been used in combat by U.S. forces in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq.  We at Aura are constantly improving the performance and are increasing the power generation capabilities of the VIPER to meet additional military requirements demanded by advances in new weapons, sensors and communication equipment.   We recently developed a 16 kW single-circuit power system for the U.S. Navy and are currently developing a 30 kW system for the U.S. Army.  In a report to the U.S. Congress in late 2006 from the Department of Defense the following shows our support and commitment to help our soldiers carry out their mission:  

“Soldiers in the Department of Defense Joint Communications Group operating in Iraq and Afghanistan are using AuraGen VIPER, a mobile under-hood induction power generator, developed by Aura Systems, Inc., for their electricity needs. The soldiers initially planned to use conventional generator systems... however; they were struggling with the disadvantages of this less advanced technology... The soldiers needed something that could operate continuously whether they were moving or not, during down time or in combat. The VIPER addresses these needs ... " 

We at Aura Systems are also focused on helping to reduce harmful emissions from internal combustion engines.  We have created an all electric-transport-refrigeration system for trucks that completely eliminates the extra diesel engine typically used to run the refrigeration compressor. We are dedicated to introduce an all-electric trailer refrigeration system to further reduce harmful emissions.  We are also working with a number of businesses and OEMs to help replace mechanical and hydraulic systems in trucks with more efficient electrical systems that would result not only in fuel savings but also in reduction of emissions.    

In order to achieve our goals and execute our mission we rely on a dedicated, professional staff.  We believe that the work environment is a very important element that must constantly be pursued and improved.  Our mission is to provide a pleasant environment where opinions and ideas are encouraged, suggestions are given serious considerations, teamwork is the norm, and competitive salaries and benefits are essential.