The applications for mobile electric power have been growing steadily over the last decade as advanced digital electronics penetrate all walks of life. Computers, digital sensors and instruments, control systems, automation, real time data collection /processing and other electronic components are steadily replacing less efficient tools and machines. Applications away from the grid line or on-the-move require a mobile source of electricity and, in particular, digital systems require pure sine wave AC power.  More recently, global wide environmental concerns and awareness demand reduction in harmful emissions from internal combustion engines. It is accepted that the most promising near term solution is the use of electricity in the form of electric motors and generators.  
Historically, gensets, also known as APUs, have provided mobile power solutions. A genset (APU) is a small internal combustion engine (ICE) that is the prime mover for a generator. The engine runs at constant speed of 3,600 or 1,800 RPM to generate 60 hertz AC power (1,500 or 3,000 RPM for 50 hertz). Such engines not only tend to be environmentally unfriendly, bulky, heavy, and noisy, but also derate with outside temperature, altitude, or in the presence of harmonics in the load. APUs also require regularly scheduled maintenance.  
In most mobile applications, there already exists a vehicle whose engine can be used as a prime mover for a generator. In fact, each vehicle also has an electric machine known as the alternator which is used to generate on-board electric power. The traditional alternator produces DC power which, when connected to an inverter, can provide limited AC power. Unfortunately, the power generated by vehicle alternators is generally limited to, at best, a few kilowatts. 
To address these multitude of problems, Aura Systems Inc. provides the AuraGen -- a paradigm-shift in mobile power generation. The AuraGen, similar to an alternator, uses the vehicle's engine as the prime mover. However, unlike the traditional alternator, the AuraGen is available in 5 kilowatt, 8 kilowatt and 16 kilowatt configurations. In each configuration the rated power is available at all engine speeds and the system can provide, simultaneously, AC and DC power in a variety of voltages such as 120 VAC, 240VAC, 12VDC and 24VDC. The patented technology of Aura Systems, Inc. replaces, in many applications, the traditional alternator and, additionally, provides large amounts of exportable AC and DC power for work.