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Aura’s All-Electric Refrigeration System is Exempt from the California Air Resource Board (“CARB”) Mandates that go into Effect in July, 2009 

EL SEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA March 30, 2009, Aura Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: AUSI) announced today that their All-Electric Transport Refrigeration System “Oasis”, is now in use by numerous companies throughout California.  Aura provides the Transport Refrigeration trucking industry a Green Solution by offering an All-Electric Refrigeration System that is exempt from the California Air Resource Board mandates that go into effect in July, 2009.  

Recently Aura delivered its All-Electric Refrigeration solution to Roger’s Poultry, a California leader in Fresh Poultry since 1927, Able Freight Services, an International and Domestic Temperature Sensitive Freight Forwarding Specialist, Pacifica-Foods, a distributor of fine imported and domestic foods to restaurants, and Sunnyland Organic, a grower and distributor of organic foods. 

The Transport Refrigeration Industry estimates that approximately 15,000-20,000 new mid size refrigeration trucks are purchased annually. Traditional competing refrigeration systems are powered by a diesel engine that requires diesel fuel and regular maintenance to operate properly.  The cost to operate a diesel driven refrigeration system can be substantial – over $4,000 per year in fuel and maintenance. In addition, the inherent cost of this old technology beyond operating expenditures is in costs to the environment, through the emitting of harmful diesel emissions.  Companies that adopt Aura’s All-Electric System are saving money and helping the environment at the same time. 

Mel Gagerman, Aura’s CEO said, “It is exciting to see our product on the road, knowing we are helping deliver perishable products while at the same time reducing harmful pollutants. The new CARB regulations for Transport Refrigeration Units (“TRU”) that are scheduled to go into effect in July of this year will require operators of diesel TRU to register with the state and comply with strict emission regulations that force the replacement of systems that are older than seven years. It is estimated that over 10,000 trucks will be out of compliance under the new regulations over the next few years. Our All-Electric Solution is exempt from these requirements since we eliminate the extra diesel engine altogether.  Thus our customers will be environmentally friendly while cutting operating costs and avoiding the increased cost that the reporting requirements will demand of Diesel based solutions. Our sales team is currently working with a variety of national and regional leasing companies, truck manufactures, truck dealerships, body companies, and up-fitters to roll out our all-electric solution nationally”.  

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