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Dr. Don J Macleod formerly an Executive Director at Seagate Technology will join Aura as President. 

EL SEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA April 20, 2009, Aura Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: AUSI) announced today that Dr. Don Macleod will assume the responsibilities of the President of Aura on April 27.

Dr Macleod earned his PhD in electrical engineering at the University of Leeds in the UK. At Seagate Technology he was responsible for motor design, manufacturing development and production line transfer to manufacturing locations. He has also held Executive Director level positions in advanced concepts, media engineering and business process development. Prior to Seagate he was VP of Engineering and a member of the board of directors at Applied Motion Products. During his 26 years in industry he has been named on 31 US patents, published 8 papers on motor technology at international conferences, and led the development of motor technology for disc drives.

Mr. Gagerman Aura’s CEO said, “We anticipate significant business growth in the current and coming years which will demand strong leadership and experience.  In anticipation of such growth, we at Aura are building a strong team to lead and help manage the business. Dr. Don Macleod with his many years of experience in hardware related technology companies is joining us as president.  In the next several weeks we expect additional experienced professionals to join our management and technical team.”

Dr. Macleod said, “Aura systems with its axial flux induction motor technology and integrated power management system is well positioned to take advantage of the increasing demand for mobile electrical power in both military and commercial systems. The recent global awareness and desire to protect the environment by reducing the usage of fossil fuels and improve the health of the population by reducing emissions from internal combustion engines, is creating a great demand for electrification of vehicles. Aura’s designs readily lend themselves to vehicle applications; the recent introduction of an all electric transport refrigeration system is one example of significant business opportunities for growth and reduction of harmful emissions. In addition to vehicle applications, Aura’s axial flux machines with its ICS option provide a complete power solution for small and midsize wind turbines.  I am looking forward to being part of the Aura team. ” 

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