Because Size Matters!

Traditional standby generators are both heavy and bulky; most 20kW units weigh in excess of 350 pounds (approximately the same weight as an adult male African lion) and occupy a footprint of 3-4 feet in length. Mobile versions are even heavier and generally must be towed to location on cumbersome trailer systems. Additionally, traditional generators (both standby and mobile) require sizable amounts of separate fuel.

In comparison, the equivalent AuraGen® weighs less than 96 pounds and is just approximately 2 feet in diameter. In fact, in most cases, the AuraGen® is small enough to fit under the hood of a vehicle. Unlike traditional systems, because the AuraGen® is integrated directly into the vehicle, no separate trailer is necessary. Similarly, because the AuraGen® is fueled by the vehicle’s own standard fuel tank, no separate fuel is needed. The AuraGen's small size and light weight therefore translates into decreased fuel consumption and increased maneuverability when compared with traditional power solutions.

Science at Work

The AuraGen is a pancake-shaped axial induction machine consisting of a solid cast rotor sandwiched between two symmetric stators. A proprietary control system supplies current to the stators that, in turn, creates a rotating magnetic field that induces electric currents in the conducting portion of the rotor. The mechanical rotation of the rotor creates a magnetic field that induces current back into the stators. These output currents are used in combination with the AuraGen's sophistocated control system to generate output power.

Common Applications


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  • 46 lbs.(20.87 kg)
  • dimentions
  • 55 lbs.(24.95 kg)
  • dimentions
  • 76.5 lbs. (34.70 kg)
  • dimentions
  • 95.25 lbs.(43.21 kg)
  • dimentions
Weight and dimention may vary depending on configurations and manufacturing variability.

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