Aura: the Odyssey

"Star Wars" to Sand Dunes

The brainchild of leading aerospace engineers, Aura Systems was founded in 1987 as a defense industry think-tank. During the Cold War, Aura collaborated with the nation’s largest defense contractors as well as with the military itself on a host of both classified and non-classified “Star Wars” skunkworks programs.

From infrared projection and gamma-ray surveillance to space-based missile launch, for more than thirty years, Aura’s history of technology-forward innovation has seen its technology launched into space to repair the Hubble telescope, dive to the ocean’s depths on board Los Angeles Class Nuclear Fast Attack Submarines, and soar through the air aboard F-16 reconnaissance jets. Here on land, Aura’s revolutionary AuraGen® technology has brought reliable green power to every corner of the planet.

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Earth-Forward Technology

  • Fuel Conservation

    Aura's technology allows customers to meet their power needs with substantially less fuel.

  • Noise Pollution Reduction

    The AuraGen power system substantially reduces noise pollution associated with traditional mobile power.

  • Air Pollution Reduction

    Replacing traditional diesel engines with all-electric AuraGen systems reduces emissions of harmful air pollutants.

What Customers are Saying

The AuraGen is the nicest generator I have used; quiet, small and good reliability - carried spares but never had to use them.

Don Moses


We have used the VIPER in our vehicles; some in excess of 10,000 hours, 24/7, with no trouble at all. I wish all of our equipment was this reliable.

Base Security


We’ve got to find a place to hide the VIPER vehicle [in Afghanistan], otherwise everyone else is going to be borrowing and using it

U.S. Special Operations